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Runtime Composition Visualization

RapidMEF diagnostic tools is available via NuGet. More information on how to install NuGet is available here



After adding the reference via the NuGet Library Package Manager, the API to create and show the composition container visualizer is straightforward.


The CompositionContainerVisualizer class can be used on Windows Forms applications, WPF applications and Visual Studio extensions. It has different constructors that accept an assembly, a list of assemblies, a ComposablePartCatalog or an existing CompositionContainer.

Given the following context:


The visualization is the following:


The Composition Container Visualizer reuses the DGML control that ships with Visual Studio 2010. Therefore the control's usage is the same:


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jradxl Apr 16, 2011 at 11:46 PM 
I have VS2010 Professional, so I don't have any way to view a DGML document.